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Day of the Dead Drive Thru Art Exhibit

is a production founded by the Central Area Betterment Association Street Art Grant and dedicated to our community in times of Covid19. The pandemic has stop us from coming together but it has not stopped us from showing our tradition, love for our people and the representing of our communities in as many ways as possible. One powerful way to represent is Street Art, including all its formal and informal demonstrations. While we promote the creativity, art and beauty of Day of the Dead, we have found a way that exhibits all of these fabulous creations from a distance, keeping our community safe and yet entertain and amaze by the creative minds at work. We welcome you to be a part of this innovative event allowing you to show your creativity to the community, to the city and to the world of digital media.

Day of the Dead Drive Thru Art Exhibit 2021 Street Art Grant Request for Proposals.
Proposals due by October 28th, 2021 8pm (Central Time)


The C.A.B.A. invites all Greater Kansas City Area Creatives, Artist, Organizations and Businesses to collaborate and produce a creativity-led event to Celebrate Day of the Dead for the enjoyment of our community and attract more visitors and business and bring more art activity to the Central Area of Kansas City, Kansas. The Street Art Grant is intended to bring together Central Area KCK culture of local arts, business, and community. These projects will ideally inspire artists & business owners to continue creative marketing efforts that include artistic expression beyond this project. Artists and businesses may submit proposals to develop low-cost, high-impact, and easy to produce experience that will entice community engagement during specific events or within specific areas, included but not limited to Day of the Dead.


Project Overview.

Sculptures, Scenography, Staging, Painting, Installation, Lighting.
To see some examples of successful Day of the Dead projects, visit our gallery:
All awarded grantees will receive a $300.00 dollar grant that will be used to produce an artistic display that will be installed on a street sidewalk and will be viewed from 20'ft away by passing-by traffic. An initial amount of $150.00 will accompany the notification of project approval and a second payment of equal amount will be paid at installation final inspection. A total amount of $300.00 will be awarded to each grantee by the time the art installation has been completed. If materials are required for your project and you need funds up front in a larger amount than the first lump-sum, some accommodations may be possible with adequate written notice and information.


On November 6th, grantees will start installation at 9am on 12th street and Central Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. The exhibit will open at 5:00 p.m. and will remain open until mid-night. All artwork displayed could be taken down after mid-night but must be taken down by Sunday before 3:00 p.m. Depending on visiting traffic, the exhibit hours may be extended.
This Street Art Grant is provided by the C.A.B.A. and funded by local initiatives, foundations, private investment as well as business and personal donations. A guide of all productions will be printed and distributed among the visitors giving credit to all grantees and participating organizations.


  • Projects should be an easy-to-do, low-cost, high-impact visual experience.

  • Projects Should use Day of the Dead memorabilia, colors, forms, and shapes honoring the celebration.

  • Projects should occupy a 20ft front by 10ft deep space max.

  • Project design should be large enough for visitors to view at night from 20’ft away.

  • Projects should be as tall as structural safety permits to increase visibility.

  • Projects should use independent illumination such as solar panel lighting and/or low noise generators.

  • The project’s production must be documented by photographs.

  • Creatives, artist, and businesses must work to create/foster beautiful artistic displays in support of the cultural activity. Even though Day of the Dead is a Mexican Tradition, the productions should support a diverse audience while keeping the artistic style of the traditional celebration.

  • Creatives, Artist, and Business participating must promote the event and participation appropriately through social media and other methods at least 4 times leading up to the event using official flyer or project drafts (not full display pictures) and the event’s official hash tags and markings:

“I       KCK”

#SeeYouOnCentral #DayOfTheDeadWeekendKC #DayOfTheDeadCelebration #CABAStreetArtGrant #DriveThruArtExhibit #CABA #LaPlacitaMarket #Offerings #DiaDeLosMuertos #DiaDeMuertos #Catrinas #WyCo


Who can apply?

  • Creative teams or individual artist, businesses teams or business partnerships with creatives or artists.

  • Creatives and artists of all disciplines Local to the Greater Kansas City Area

  • Creatives or artist of all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, preferences, or personal denominations willing to apply their creativity to showcasing and promoting the Day of the Dead Celebration artistry.

  • Businesses or organizations willing to promote the Central Avenue Commercial Corridor with art and culture.

Applicant Requirements

  • Applicants must fill out and sign application fully.

  • All applications must be received by email to

  • or by regular mail by October 28th, 2021 before 8pm (Central Time)

Regular mail applications to:
C.A.B.A.s Street Art Grant.
PO Box 171262
Kansas City, Kansas. 66117


  • Application must contain enough drafts, proposed final structures and dimensions to fully appreciate the proposed results.

  • Applicants must be willing to cover all requirements of this RFP, including and not limited to production and installation at the pre-designated location on 12th street, between Central Avenue and Reynolds Avenue, in Kansas City, Kansas. On the 7th of November 2020

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